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Chris Desmond explores the science, the stories, and the strategies of getting out of your comfort zone and finding your magic.

Aug 22, 2016

This is episode 17 and I’m your host Chris Desmond. Today I’m having a chat with Richard McChesney. If you guys have had a listen to episode 4 of the podcast where I chat with Quentin Rew, you’ve be familiar with the sport of racewalking. On a side note, congratulations to Quentin for your fantastic effort in the 50km racewalk at the Rio Olympics. Richard is also a racewalker, but he is a long distance racewalker. You might be saying to yourself that 50k is plenty long enough for a walk but Richard walks 100km races. He has walked around the M25 motorway around London, and competed in a 3 day racewalk in France breaking the New Zealand record for the furthest distance walked in 48 hours in the process. He is going back to France this year to compete in the 6 day event.

Today we chat through some of Richard’s walking adventures and the challenges he has faced walking such distance. We also talk about what he has learned about himself and about life as a result of walking.

As well as being pushing the boundaries as a walker, Richard also helped out with the audio side of things for our chat. I was having some problems with the software I was using so Richard stepped up to the plate and recorded from his end. As a result I might sound a bit crackly today, but that is OK cause Richard is the one generating the wisdom.

Thanks to my brother Jeremy Desmond for doing the music for the show. A big thanks to Paul for his review on iTunes and for Marcio for the feedback as well!

And as always a big thanks to you guys for taking the time out of your days to get uncomfortable with me and Richard. If you enjoy what you hear remember to share it out and get in contact with me.

Richard Walks London




Richard McChesney
almost six years ago

Thanks for the interview Chris. My report about my M25 circumnavigation walk is on my blog at: