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Uncomfortable is OK Podcast

Making it easier for you to get out of your comfort zone.

Chris Desmond explores the science, the stories, and the strategies of getting out of your comfort zone and finding your magic.

Jul 30, 2018

Too easily the important tasks in our lives get overwhelmed by the urgent ones. Today Chris talks about why we should be focusing on Important rather than urgent activities, and how we can do it.

Jul 23, 2018

My mate Will Fleming returns to the podcast to chat about blowing our minds. Will is a content creator and one of the inspirations for me to start this show.

He consistently delivers high-quality content. Whether that is helping Kiwi guys be better Dad’s through “Rad Dads” or through his latest podcast “Please...

Jul 16, 2018

This week Chris chats with Tyson Franklin aka "Dr T" about sifting through all the ideas that we have and choosing which ones to pursue.

We also talk through how we know that an idea has been successful, and if we should keep pursuing it.

Jul 9, 2018

Nick is a return guest on the Uncomfortable is OK podcast. You’ll remember him from episode 19. The next uncomfortable thing he was going to do has morphed into what we’re talking about today.

Nick is the founder of Go Well Consulting and believes that New Zealand should be leading the world in sustainable living...

Jul 2, 2018

This week Chris digs into why we should be asking ourselves the same questions over and over again.
It seems counter-intuitive, but it is vitally important. He discusses his struggles with doing it, and what he learned to make it easier for you to get into the habit.