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Uncomfortable is OK Podcast

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Chris Desmond explores the science, the stories, and the strategies of getting out of your comfort zone and finding your magic.

Nov 28, 2016

Welcome to the Uncomfortable is OK podcast. I’m your host Chris Desmond and today is episode 31. The podcast has been going long enough now that we are starting to get some return guests happening. Today’s conversation is with Richard McChesney, long distance racewalker. Some of you will remember Richard from episode 17 where we had a chat about long distance racewalking, walking round the M25, and walking 100mile races. If you haven’t had a listen to that I suggest you go back and catch it.

Richard and I have been chatting over the past few months in the lead up to a 6 day racewalk in Privas, France. We caught up about how his training was going, what he was experiencing at the time in the lead up to the race. Part of the podcast is conversations that Richard and I had while he was walking the race, so you’ll hear him walking, and interacting with support crews and officials. Richard also kept a daily vlog while walking so the audio is interspersed within our conversations as well. You’ll hear Richard refer a couple of times to things you can see in his vlogs, so make sure to check them out at but in the interim close your eyes and imagine.

This result is a timelapse of what Richard was going through as he prepped for and competed in the race, spoiler alert he got through the whole 6 days. It’s a fascinating bunch of conversations about what the human body is capable of if we put in the preparation required, continue pushing when times get tough, and keep in mind what we are trying to achieve.

Richard’s habits have changed to help him complete this race, and I think if you listen back to episode 17 you be able to pick up a few differences. He has had to adapt his strategy through this journey and it has been a pleasure being able to follow him through this in the good times and the tough, and admire what he has achieved.

I hope you enjoy these conversations and this slightly different style. Thanks for getting uncomfortable with me and Richard today.

Guest: Richard McChesney

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Host: Chris Desmond




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