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Uncomfortable is OK Podcast

Making it easier for you to get out of your comfort zone.

Chris Desmond explores the science, the stories, and the strategies of getting out of your comfort zone and finding your magic.

Dec 12, 2016

This week I have the privilege of sitting down for a chat with Rosie Morrison. Rosie was introduced to me through her brother Nick who appeared back in episode 19, if you haven’t taken the time yet make sure you check that one out.

The conversation I have with Rosie hits a variety of experiences. At its heart it is a conversation about following your curiosity, exploring the world and yourself, trying new things, and just bloody doing it.

Rosie has fascinating stories about getting robbed in Mexico, buying and selling Kombi Vans in Central America, figuring out her values sitting in a tent by herself for three days in the Marlborough sounds, and cleaning plants.

I’ve written pages of notes of takeaway points from this conversation I had with Rosie. I hope you get some gems too. If you want a copy of mine, reach out to me on the Facebook page, or flick me an email at

Thanks everyone for taking the time to get uncomfortable with me and Rosie today.

Guest: Rosie Morrison

Colour and Bones - Rosie's Blog

Neat Places website

Host: Chris Desmond




Music: Jeremy Desmond Music