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Chris Desmond explores the science, the stories, and the strategies of getting out of your comfort zone and finding your magic.

Apr 3, 2017

 Today is Episode 49 and I'm chatting with Lucy McSweeney.

Lucy is an intelligent, eloquent young woman and today we talk about mental health education in New Zealand. Lucy has her own mental health story which she shares on the podcast. She has seen from her experience gaps in the education provided to young people about their mental health.

Lucy has started a petition to make mental health education compulsory in New Zealand schools. We talk what the drivers of the petition are, what she hopes to achieve from it, how we can make education better, responsibility for delivery, and how Lucy keeps herself mentally healthy at the moment.

If you get something out of this podcast, make sure to share it out. And make sure to get over to sign the petition.

Guest: Lucy McSweeney

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