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Uncomfortable is OK Podcast

Making it easier for you to get out of your comfort zone.

Chris Desmond explores the science, the stories, and the strategies of getting out of your comfort zone and finding your magic.

Mar 19, 2018

Today I'm chatting with an awesome young filmmaker from Wellington, Brandon Te Moananui. Brandon is involved in a lot of cool stuff but make sure that you head over and check out The Maori Side Steps.

Brandon and I chat through some really interesting stuff today including;

+ Learning to love the struggle

+ Unleashing creative capacity

+ How good it is just to get on and do things

+ Why opening up to people and being honest with them is vital

+ Brandon shares some deep stuff about his background and how that has helped shape how he interacts with the world

+ Why hard is good

+ and of course getting UNCOMFORTABLE

Guest: Brandon Te Moananui

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Host: Chris Desmond

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